Elder Hunter Williams

Elder Hunter Williams
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Saturday, October 18, 2014

10-18-14 More Great Mission Stuff!

Subject: 18 October 2014

Hi everyone,

Texas has been nice to us the last few days, the weather has turned for the better, I love it! The fall is here, what a blessing. Makes me wish I was back on a bike! We had another great week. On Monday we carved pumpkins, mine is sporting the angel Moroni. I would send you a picture but I forgot my camera chord, woops! Next week. That night we had a great lesson with Robin, he is making slow and steady process, he will get baptized eventually. After seeing Robin we met Amber Dill at the church. She is in her late twenties, we have been teaching her aunt and Amber wants to know more. We gave her a tour of the church and taught her the Restoration. Our discussion took about two hours because she is not afraid to comment! She knows more about the Bible than Elder Nuckols and I combined, so it is great fun. She seems like she is sincerely searching for truth, good thing we have it!

On Tuesday we visited the temple with the group of missionaries heading home, including Elder Larsen. It was a great session. I love the temple. Sometimes we go seeking guidance and revelation, but this time I simply enjoyed feeling the special peace that only the temple brings. I needed it. That night we had a first lesson with a referral in the YSA and she is from Gilbert! She graduated from Gilbert High School in 2014 and is going to UTD, it was nuts! We don't know any of the same people but it was like a bit of home, small world.

Wednesday and Thursday were two of my favorite days in the mission. Elder Nuckols and I went on a road trip with President Taylor out to east Texas to see the three zones out there, interview them, and do some exchanges, it was amazing! We basically had one on one time with President Taylor for six or seven hours in the car. We planned out a lot of things that the mission needs as well as had discussions about normal life, career paths, and deep doctrine. It was fun. We spent the night in a hotel which was odd but sweet! And we got hit on at a drive thru. It was a fun trip.

Yesterday we were back at the state fair working the family history booth again and had a good time. There was an old lady who volunteered to be there with us but she spent all of the time running around looking at different booths and talking on the phone so we did all of the work! But that's okay, we enjoyed ourselves.

Those are all of the big highlights for the week. Life is good here in Texas, I couldn't ask for much better. Sounds like things keep changing back home, I will be in for a bit of a shock I am sure but I'm okay with that. I love all of you!

Elder Williams

Scripture- Moroni 7:41

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