Elder Hunter Williams

Elder Hunter Williams
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Monday, October 28, 2013

We had ourselves a baptism!

This has probably been the craziest, fastest, and most enjoyable week of my mission. We had ourselves a baptism! Jalisia was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday in Sacrament meeting and she asked me to baptize her! It was amazing, the whole baptism was a miracle. We found out that it was going through on Thursday so Friday we were scrambling to get an interview in, sign permission slips, make a program, not to mention other planned activities. One of her young women's leaders ended up being able to help out a ton because her plans somehow were cancelled which was a miracle.

Then Saturday morning we had to get up early so we could go to the church and fill up the font and when we got there we didn't have a key to get to the water valve that fills up the font or a key to the library to get a tv but luckily there was someone down there cleaning the building that had a key to both and then tons of people showed up!! The whole day was a miracle. The Lord truly had His hand in this one.

Friday night we carved pumpkin with ____ family for the trunk or treat which was fun and then we figured out why they are at "spiritual warfare". Every time ____ tries to read the Book of Mormon or come to church, she starts to get very sick, Satan is really working on her. She knows that there is something to the church, she just has a lot of fears and apprehension about seriously investigating because she has grown up hearing that the Bible is the only book we need and that Mormons are a crazy cult so it is understandable that she is freaking out. I think they will get baptized eventually.
Elder Smith and I both had the prompting to have them watch President Uchtdorf's talk "Come Join With Us" I hope they read it.

We had the trunk or treat on Saturday night and it was fun. We had 11 nonmembers there, two less active families and two part member families there, it was sweet! We had some good chili and my pumpkin won the best carved pumpkin contest (I carved the superman logo). Right after the event ended it started dumping rain and we were trapped at the church until the zone leaders picked us up and took us around the rest of the night. Elder Smith dropped his camera in the parking lot and didn't notice. Luckily Sister Barber went to look for it and found it soaking wet at like 11, Elder Smith was going to have a cow. We put it in a bag of rice and it still works! So that was most of my excitement this week, it was awesome.
So I am being transferred to Rowlett, it is about 20 miles southeastish of Allen and I will be in a car! Not too sure how I feel about it yet but it I think I will enjoy it. I'm going to be a zone leader with Elder Berentzen, he has been out for 15ish months, should be fun! My new address:
2106 Randi Road
Rowlett, TX 75088
Elder Smith is staying here and his new companion will be the new district leader. I'm pretty excited, packing stinks though. Well that's about it for me. It's good to hear that things are going well at home, I hope Myra is okay and that things continue to move forward with the company. You are in my prayers, I love you!
Elder Williams

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Some Mission Pictures in September and October 2013

Elder Smith & Elder Williams
Must  be hat day in Texas.

Elder Smith's Birthday. Veggie cake? Uhh yum?
Elder Williams looks like he thinks it's pretty cool.

Monday, October 14, 2013

10-14-13 Ate Gator & knocked on 250 doors this week! It's been tougher than a fight between two pigs wrastlin' in a gunny sack for the last smidge o' slop!

Well howdy y'all!

This week has been tougher than a fight between two pigs wrastlin' in a gunny sack for the last smidge o' slop!
Not really, just wanted to use my Texas vocabulary because I know you all despise it! Anyways, this was actually a great week. We have been working with a less-active mother and her three nonmember children and we set baptismal dates with the two younger kids for December 7! Success!!! In one aspect at least. 

We have been tracting a lot more lately and on Tuesday some of the Sisters challenged us to a tracting contest to see who could knock the most doors and get the most return appointments. They did well, knocked 70 doors and got 4 return appointments. The Lord decided they needed a little humbling though because He helped us knock 200 doors and set up 7 return appointments in 1 day. They were supposed to buy us lunch for our victory but some members ended up swooping in as we were buying our meal and paid for everyone, those lucky Sisters. We ended up knocking about 250 doors this week total and we picked up a new investigator, a good week! 

It has been overcast these last few days so people have been pretty grumpy. Yesterday we got more dirty looks than I have ever had before, people are a bit ridiculous at times. The 40 day fast is going really well, the work is picking up in the area and it is getting our ward more involved in the work. I love serving in Allen. The people are usually nice, our ward is good, the missionaries here are great, and the blessings are abundant. 

 James Tabor, our 74 year-old substitute teacher investigator took us out to dinner on Saturday to a place called Razzoo's Cajun CafĂ© and we had ourselves some 'gator!! It came out on this huge platter of fried everything: catfish (okay), shrimp (I'm allergic), pickle chips (ew, honestly?), fries (yumm), hush puppies (corn bread balls), and of course, deep fried 'gator! It was quite the experience but probably only a one time thing. It was great. 

Other than that it has been the same old stuff. Elder Smith and I are really starting to get  along well, he's just a big goofball. Obedience level must be high and I help others with that. We are having a good time.
Maddie's wedding sounds like it will be quite the event, I wish I could be there. Could I get their address so I can send them a congratulations letter? I hope things work out for them!
So I'm doing well, we are just chugging along out here. The weather is getting cooler, I love it. And mom, I'm good on the white shirts, they just needed a little tender love and care, don't worry about sending any! 

Sorry I am bad at sending my scripture each week but this week it is part of Enos 1:15- "...Whatsoever thing ye shall ask in faith, believing that ye shall receive in the name of Christ, ye shall receive it."
I love you all!!
Elder Williams

Monday, October 7, 2013

10-7-13 General Conference Rocks! There is Power in the Simplicity of the Gospel!

Subject: Re: 10-7-13

Happy Monday!
Well conference simply rocked my socks. I enjoyed all of the talks that were given. A few highlights for me: 
  • Don't let something good distract you from what is best.  
  • Men and women are equal in importance but different in their roles, responsibilities, and attributes and it is meant to be that way. 
  • Sometimes we simply have to drink the bitter cup and be strong.
  • Meekness is not weakness.
I loved hearing from our inspired leaders. WE watched most of conference with some of our favorite members, the Sterrett family and Sister Barber who you probably hear a lot from.
This week was a bit slower in our area. We had quite a few investigators push away from us which was unfortunate. They just don't seem to understand what we are offering. It is frustrating at times but I know that the Lord's ways are higher than my own. We did make progress with James Tabor. He is a 74 year-old substitute teacher we have been working with for a while. We have had many deep gospel discussions lately but we finally just got to the root of the problem: Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. We challenged him to read and pray about it and he accepted. We went to watch a session of conference at his house and found out that he had either been listening or watching the other sessions as well, a very good sign. There is power in the simplicity of the gospel.
I spent a day in a car on exchange with an elder in my district and it actually made me more appreciative of my bike. Being in a car is a bit boring, especially when the one driving listens to some weird music. Not bad music but weird instrumental stuff. He is a good missionary though and we had a fun day. Most of our appointments dropped but we had the chance to go into a million dollar home, it was gorgeous. Elder Smith held down the fort in our area except he let the other missionary get a flat on my bike so I had a fun time fixing that when I got back. Punk. We also went on exchange with our zone leaders and Elder White came with me for the day. He is going home just before Christmas and he is trunky trunky trunky, it made me trunky too! He is an awesome missionary though, he converted at 19 and came on a mission, he is great.
The most spiritual thing that happened this week was conference but we still had a good week. Thank you for the package, it was amazing and the pants fit perfectly, I love them! The shorts are great too!
Everything sounds great back home! Congratulations to Chase for being a stud on the football team! Is he going to try out for the basketball team this year? How tall is he now? I'm proud to say that I may have grown a centimeter! But I now weigh 178, my legs are thick! Thank you Mr. Bike. 

Well I love you all, have a great week!
Elder Williams