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Elder Hunter Williams
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Monday, October 7, 2013

10-7-13 General Conference Rocks! There is Power in the Simplicity of the Gospel!

Subject: Re: 10-7-13

Happy Monday!
Well conference simply rocked my socks. I enjoyed all of the talks that were given. A few highlights for me: 
  • Don't let something good distract you from what is best.  
  • Men and women are equal in importance but different in their roles, responsibilities, and attributes and it is meant to be that way. 
  • Sometimes we simply have to drink the bitter cup and be strong.
  • Meekness is not weakness.
I loved hearing from our inspired leaders. WE watched most of conference with some of our favorite members, the Sterrett family and Sister Barber who you probably hear a lot from.
This week was a bit slower in our area. We had quite a few investigators push away from us which was unfortunate. They just don't seem to understand what we are offering. It is frustrating at times but I know that the Lord's ways are higher than my own. We did make progress with James Tabor. He is a 74 year-old substitute teacher we have been working with for a while. We have had many deep gospel discussions lately but we finally just got to the root of the problem: Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. We challenged him to read and pray about it and he accepted. We went to watch a session of conference at his house and found out that he had either been listening or watching the other sessions as well, a very good sign. There is power in the simplicity of the gospel.
I spent a day in a car on exchange with an elder in my district and it actually made me more appreciative of my bike. Being in a car is a bit boring, especially when the one driving listens to some weird music. Not bad music but weird instrumental stuff. He is a good missionary though and we had a fun day. Most of our appointments dropped but we had the chance to go into a million dollar home, it was gorgeous. Elder Smith held down the fort in our area except he let the other missionary get a flat on my bike so I had a fun time fixing that when I got back. Punk. We also went on exchange with our zone leaders and Elder White came with me for the day. He is going home just before Christmas and he is trunky trunky trunky, it made me trunky too! He is an awesome missionary though, he converted at 19 and came on a mission, he is great.
The most spiritual thing that happened this week was conference but we still had a good week. Thank you for the package, it was amazing and the pants fit perfectly, I love them! The shorts are great too!
Everything sounds great back home! Congratulations to Chase for being a stud on the football team! Is he going to try out for the basketball team this year? How tall is he now? I'm proud to say that I may have grown a centimeter! But I now weigh 178, my legs are thick! Thank you Mr. Bike. 

Well I love you all, have a great week!
Elder Williams

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