Elder Hunter Williams

Elder Hunter Williams
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Monday, February 25, 2013

Elder Hunter Williams Update February 25, 2013

Elder Hunter Williams new address:
(Please note, it will change almost every six weeks with transfers.)

Elder Hunter Williams
2820 Cobre Valle Lane
Plano, Texas 75023

Elder Hernandez and Elder Williams in the MTC Feb 2013

Elder Hunter Williams new sleeping digs. Feb 2013

Sent: Monday, February 25, 2013 12:56:57 PM
Subject: Re: 2-24-13 From Mom, Dad & Chase

Hey everyone,

So being out in the field is way different than the MTC but i'm loving it. My companion has been out for about 6 months and has been in Plano since he got here. He started training on his second transfer so he's super good, I like him a lot. He really likes superman and I'll admit he does look somewhat like him.He's about as tall as Jordan but buffer, no offense, and is a really good guy.

Yes, I got my bike and its working really well so no worries there. I'm getting plenty of exercise riding it around.

We were living with the bishop of one of the wards but we had to move out because they have family moving back in with them so we spent the day moving. I'll try to send a picture of the old house. I'm doing pretty well here though, I got to speak in both wards on Sunday, teach a Sunday School class, and help teach Mission Prep. It was awesome.

We are doing a lot of tracting but I don't mind it, you get used to rejection. Everyone here has their own religion and doesn't feel like changing.

There are squirrels and rabbits runnign around all over the place.

Things are pretty normal sized so far, but all the cars are Texas edition.

I'm doing really well though. Not much is going on though, I'll try and write more next week. I'm meeting some interesting people though, that's for sure. Love you all!


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  1. This Mom finds great comfort that Hunter's first companion in the mission field is really Superman! So now the two of them are the dynamic duo. Superman and Batman!


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