Elder Hunter Williams

Elder Hunter Williams
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Here is Hunter's most recent email. I must admit, my heart froze when I read about the M-16 and knives on the front room table while he was teaching a missionary discussion. Oh, the worries of a mother. Big sigh . . . I'm sure thankful for prayers and a Gaggle of Guardian Angels. ~ Cindy

From: "Hunter Williams"
Sent: Monday, March 4, 2013 3:17:13 PM
Subject: Elder Williams Mission Update March 4, 2013


Hey I'm doing great, sorry I don't answer a lot of questions, I don't have tons of time but this week has been great.This is a picture of the first house we lived in.

I went on my first exchange on Saturday and it went really well, I liked the other Elder I went with. It's been a busy week, we contacted like 180ish people but didn't really see much come of that. Plano is a hard area because everyone here is pretty well off and somewhat set in their ways. And they are all middle aged white people too. We see the most success with the minorities to be honest. Their hearts are softened and seem to be more humble and ready to turn to Heavenly Father.

One of our investigators is a former gang member, he's a pretty cool guy, he looks a bit rough around the edges but would probable be baptized by now if he wasn't on parole...anyways, on Saturday I was able to go to my first baptism. Elder Merrill said I could count it as mine but I was only there for one lesson so I'm still debating it. His name is the same as mine and he's eight, so technically it isn't a mission baptism but it still counts for us. So that was really great to experience.

So we went to a less active member's house yesterday and he let us and we taught a sweet lesson but we were pretty nervous at first because he had an M-16 sitting on his front room table, a bunch of knives on the other, and some alcohol by the TV. The lesson went well though and he is a nice guy, hopefully he'll start coming back to church!

We had this one lady who told us that all religion is bad and that it is the cause of all wars and is manipulative and that all the leaders take all of our money for themselves and don't help anyone, it was quite interesting.

Another lady came out and told us she believes Mormonism is a cult and that we need to believe in the Trinity and she is so sad that we have been kept from the truth our whole loves. Pretty interesting stuff. I love it though, it just strengthens my testimony because I know that we are out on the Lord's errand and that we will suffer much persecution but if we are diligent and faithful we will prevail.

I'm so proud of Chase! Keep up the good work buddy, you're going to blow me away when i get back probably. So I eat with the members a lot and its really not that different, no awesome BBQ recipes yet. In Plano there isn't much of an accent but they say y'all which I'm picking up and they also say fixin' to, like I'm fixin' to make dinner or something. Besides that it's the same pretty much. I did get your package and I'm grateful everything is going well at home! I love you all and miss you a lot but I'm love being here! Even though Texas is flat, no mountains or anything, not even hills.

Love y'all!!

Elder Williams

Oh and tell Cole I wrote him back so it's his turn to send a letter the lazy bum!

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