Elder Hunter Williams

Elder Hunter Williams
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hey everyone!

So we had another good week. Sorry for scaring you mom, just trying to keep it real, i'm perfectly fine though, don't worry. I'm pretty much over being sick, Aunt Vicky sent me a little package full of antioxidant stuff which are actually working well so tell her thanks for me and that she's awesome for sharing the gospel with one of her students. now I just have to get in better shape. I got Cole's letters and i sent some as well, tell him not to write back yet because I'm going to send another today. That's no good about baby Myra but i'm glad she is doing better. sounds like dad and chase are really turning it up a notch with their exercise, that's awesome, keep up the good work. i decided i'm not eating candy or dessert anymore(at least this week) so we'll see how that goes so if you send me anything make sure its healthy snacks, gotta keep my figure in check.

As far as my schedule out here it's pretty busy. We get up at 6 each morning and exercise for about 45 minutes. half the days are push-ups pull-ups and sit-ups and the other half are sprints jump rope and plyometric stuff so i'm trying to stay in pretty good shape, i'm still working on getting my breath on the bike though. After we work out we get ready for the day and eat breakfast and its usually just a bowl of cereal and some toast. We have personal study at 8, companionship study at 9, and some days an additional hour of study as well. Then we eat lunch and get to work. We don't have many investigators, one or two to be exact, so we do a lot of tracting and contacting. At least an hour or more a day. We usually have dinner with members and then we are back at it until about 9. Then we get home, plan, write in our journals and get to bed by about 10:30 each night so that's my schedule almost everyday.

Some eventful things that happened this week: my bike slid out from under me while turning on a rainy day and a took a shot to an unpleasant place from my seat. There was a big storm that blew in right as we were headed home one night and we got soaked on the ride home.

Elder Merrill and I sang in sacrament yesterday for some missionary's homecoming talk.

We had a few doors slammed in our faces. That's about all I can really think of.

Some cooler spiritual experiences: we are teaching a two less active girls and we taught an amazing lesson on repentance this week. the spirit was incredibly strong and testified through us, it was really cool. the most amazing part was seeing the change that came over the girls during the lesson though. At the beginning they were just kind of listening but by the end they were giving us their full attention and volunteering answers and it was great. We also have picked up a new investigator named Errasmo. we met him in a parking lot and have met with him once since then. he is incredibly humble and is looking for change and strength in his life and we know that what we have to offer him is what he needs.

Oh I also got to participate somewhat in a bible bash and that was interesting. A member came with us. We were teaching a husband and wife and the husband seemed to be somewhat receptive to out teachings but the wife was getting seriously bent out of shape and was asking for all this scriptural proof and would hold up her hand in our faces to tell us to stop talking while she looked stuff up. It was not a very spiritually uplifting experience but it helped me see how some people are much more prepared to receive the gospel than others.

Aaaaand we broke a few of Elder Merrill's records this week. We contacted 80 people in one day (the average is between 20 and 30) and contacted a total of 267 people this week (usually about 140 a week) so that was cool.

A few things that i need. The conference Ensigns from the last two conferences and my copy of Jesus the Christ which should be in my room in one of the drawers in my black side table.

Well that's about all i've got, I love you all and miss you a ton!

Elder Williams

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