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Elder Hunter Williams
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Monday, August 26, 2013

August 27, 2013 - Stalker Guy - Dog Threats - Not so secret Admirer, Baptist Preacher's false directions - What a crazy two weeks!

Hallelujah for working internet service!
Hey everyone, thanks for all the birthday wishes!! I find it ironic that the one day I really want to read some emails that the internet isn't working but that's just how it goes. Well first of all I had a great birthday, I will send some pictures home of our little celebration. The members took great care of me and gave me some presents too. We played basketball and had a great day, even though Elder Smith beat me 1 on 1 for a talk in church on Sunday. He had some extra motivation because he doesn't like speaking in church and he is a half foot taller than me but still, on my birthday? Tough love I suppose. It was a great day though!
As for the last two weeks, they have been eventful! No baptisms unfortunately but last transfer there was some random joe who pulled over Elder Hoopes and I and told us we needed permits to solicit and all this nonsense. Well Elder Smith and I were tracting and this guy found us again! He and Elder Smith got into it and he threatened to call the police on us and we told him to do it! So he did and sounded ridiculous describing missionaries to the police and when they showed up they let us go again. So we thought things were settled but the next day we were taking a get well card to one of our favorite part member families and this guy found us again and started yelling at us again! He is ridiculous, we are going to just ignore him from now on. Oh and we contacted this 30 ish year old lady and she kept going off about how attractive I was, it was a bit creepy... And we had another guy threaten to set dogs on us. And a Baptist preacher who told basically told is we are going to hell. So yeah, we have had a good 2 weeks. Oh and we had the 2013 Texas Dallas Mission Olympics and Elder Smith and I took gold in the free-throw shooting, represent!
On a more spiritual note my talk yesterday went well and we made some progress with teaching people. We had an investigator at church on Sunday finally. And I conducted my first baptismal interview last Friday which was a very humbling and spiritual experience. Aaaand there is a lot more to say but I really don't have the time to say it. I love you all, thanks again for all the birthday wishes and I'm glad you are all doing well! Happy Birthday to Cole, and Heather and Jordan! I'm getting behind on all these cards I need to make!
Oh and I have now gained 10 pounds in my legs from the biking and I have either grown or my pants have shrunk because they are shorter than they used to be. I could use another pair of slacks and I also need a new pair of black nike gym shorts like dad has, mine are getting a little beat up. I love you all!
Elder Williams

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