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Elder Hunter Williams
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Monday, January 13, 2014

1-13-14 Missionaries Aren't Weirdos

Hola familia,
Tracting! That about sums up the extent of our week, it was pretty slow. We played volleyball on Monday last week which was fun, not much opportuntity to play basketball around here, we don't have the most stellar athletes in our zone... But that is okay! We make due with what we have. 

We did an exchange this week with our district leader, Elder Carey, and his companion. Elder Carey came to Rowlett with me and Elder Porter went to Rockwall with Elder Osborn who is in his first transfer and worked him hard. Elder Carey and I tracted all day in the the cold mist, it was nice but we jsut got out and worked and I tried to give Elder Carey some ideas to shape up his district meetings which have been lacking a bit in... well everything. So that was fun, Elder Porter almost lost it with Elder Osborn, he's an odd one. 

We met with a man named James this week, he is a Catholic but very open to discussion. We had a great chat about the origins of the Book of Mormon and also some of the commandments like chastity and the word of wisdom. He said that he was pleasantly surprised while talking to us because he was expecting us to be weirdos but we turned out to be normal people with good Christian values, what a surprise. 

And I got to contact a few people in Spanish this week. I know enough Spanish now to get a referral for the Spanish missionaries, woooo! That's about it for the excitement this week though, just plugging along. Just got a haircut, yaaaay!
To answer mom's questions:
1. I need a new small storage container to carry my oil around in.
2. Elder Porter and I hate each other. (only kidding, he is great!)
3. No I haven't had any other singing opportunities besides in the shower or in the car.
4. Basketball, at least good basketball, is not really an option at this point.
5. See my description above about the week.
Sounds like things are going well at home. All the temple news is exciting, keep up the good work! I miss y'all and you're always in my prayers, have a good week!

Elder Williams

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