Elder Hunter Williams

Elder Hunter Williams
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Monday, January 27, 2014

1-27-14 Wave Our Hands and Work Our Voodoo

Hey family!
Thank you for the package, the fudge is delicious, Elder Porter was mad because he couldn't stop eating it. We are doing well together, we both like to work hard and he is a big joker so all we do is laugh. He makes me read my journal entries to him every night because apparently the way I express myself through journal is really funny. We are having a good time working hard so no worries. 

We are still doing a lot of tracting, one of our investigators is real hit and miss on appointments, another is taking his sweet time to ask his girlfriend to marry him, and another is ready to get baptized but her less active husband is slowing her down because he isn't super motivated to stop smoking. So we tract a lot haha but good stuff is happening. 

We finally received a member referral this week and it was amazing! The member invited their neighbors over for dinner and us as well and we ate and then taught a lesson and they were interested and all wanted to read the Book of Mormon, it was a father and his two sons. President Hinckley was right when he said that working with members is a better way to do missionary work, we just have a hard time getting the members here to see that. 

We also ran into a few weirdos while tracting, always interesting. One man in particular had quite an unusual mind or lack of reasoning skills for sure. He opened the door and asked if we were LDS, we said yes, and he said "We have a problem". He then went on to explain how some part of his family history on familysearch.org was wrong and that he couldn't go in and change it because we "waved our hands over it and worked our voodoo" and that the information is a lie so our church is a lie! Then he slammed the door. We had a good laugh about it, not our fault he doesn't understand how to use the website. It is unfortunate that he lumped the misinformation on the website to our entire church being false though... Ah well. 

We also got job offers from a man we tracted into. He wasn't interested in the church so we moved on and when we were coming back down the opposite side of the street he ran out to us and asked what we did for work and if we wanted a job because we are used to walking and have a good presence about us. We told him that we don't work as missionaries but he was a nice guy! That was fun. That's about it for the excitement this week though. 

Sounds like things back home are excellent, I love hearing about all the temple stuff and sounds like Chase is a serious baller, 'atta' kid.Well I love y'all, have a blessed week!
Elder Williams

P.S. I can no longer get refills on my meds because I have been out for so long now so if you could help me out with that mom it would be great. I only had so many refills up until 1/16/14 and we are passed that now so we need to renew all that. Also if anyone has any good stories about blessings from keeping commandments I'd love to hear about them, they could help enhance my teaching.

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