Elder Hunter Williams

Elder Hunter Williams
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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 1, 2013 Best Missionary Week Ever!

 Mi familia!

So this was the best week yet i think! We didn't teach as many lessons as last week but we had some really cool things happen! during personal study on thursday we got a call from a girl in the 8th ward and she had a friend who has gone on vacation with them a ton and prays with them all the time and has even gone to seminary a few times and now she wanted to meet with the missionaries that night!! we taught her the restoration and she just accepted everything and committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and to be baptized when she was ready!!! that night on our way home we got a call from brother kendrick, the dad of the family, and he said that after we left Elise(the friend) said she felt really good and peaceful and loved what we shared!! it was a miracle for sure! then on friday we were tracting an apartment building and met a lady from nigeria. she basically believes everything we do and loves the mormon religion's values! she believes in reincarnation though, but we can work with that. she read the second to last paragraph in the introduction and the last verse of Moroni and loved it and committed to read it, so we will see where that goes! then on sunday we had another miracle. a guy we have been seeing for about 5 weeks came to church and brought his 3 kids! he loved the service and we are making a lot of progress with him. i was able to give him a priesthood blessing earlier in the week and he is really coming along great! easter here was really good, both sacrament meetings were wonderful and the lessons in class were great too! the 8th ward choir is really good, i wish i knew what some of the songs they sang were. elder merrill and i visited a member on thursday and they convinced elder merrill to try to catch an apple in his mouth and he did! i'll send a picture if i can.

So as far as transfers go, elder merrill got the boot and i'm staying, so my address is the same still. elder merrill is going to be a zone leader of our zone so he isn't going too far. he's only been out 7 and a half months, he's a stud. i'm going to take over the area as senior companion and my new companion is elder johnson. i'll meet him tomorrow when we make the transfers. he has been out a transfer longer than me so we are still both fairly new. so that's the exciting news about that!

so chase i was wondering if you wouldn't mind letting me have your old ipod shuffle? if you guys could load it up with church music and send it to me with a charger, that would be awesome! if not could you send me a few cds? there is one titled Lead Thou Me On by Vocal Point which is amazing, as well as some motab and apparently there is a really good band called the National Tribute Band? if you could find a way to do any of that, it would be amazing, but no worries if that is too much work!! I was also wondering if you could send me super hero stickers and some batman dress socks if there is such a thing! i'm trying to embrace my inner kid a bit.

well that's about it! i'm glad you are all doing so well, I love y'all and miss you a ton!!

Elder Williams

P.S. i have doctrine and covenants 4 memorized mom, i actually did that the week before you sent that to me! funny stuff.
Elder Williams, Elder Merrill and the Ellis Family

Elder Merrill Tossing an apple into his mouth.( He actually caught it !)

Great bumper sticker!


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