Elder Hunter Williams

Elder Hunter Williams
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 22, 2013

Hello family!

What the heck Hayden and Caleb?! (Mission calls: Hayden Fowles is going to Hawaii, and Caleb Brough is going to Australia.) That's awesome! Wish them luck for me! And yes I got the package, thank you, you're the best!!!

So anyways it's been a slower week here, our investigator with a baptismal date dropped us last night so that was frustrating but that's just how life goes. On the other hand, Elise is progressing like crazy and is talking with her parents about baptism this week, so that's awesome!! Other than that we really don't have much. We do less active work a lot which is always good to try and get people back to church but they are frustrating because they don't come to church like they said they would! Ah well. We are doing a lot of finding right now so hopefully we rustle up a few investigators here soon.

Bike news for this week: First Elder Johnson crashed and put a double loop in his chain which we had to take to the bike shop to get repaired but they did it for free and everything was great. Then two days later Elder Johnson put on a long sleeve shirt which I thought was crazy because it is getting warmer here (like 75-80, not too bad yet, but still) but it turned out to be inspiration because he crashed again hard. His bike was fine but he destroyed a sleeve on the shirt and a tie and got some decent scrapes, nothing too special but he didn't mind complaining about them and updating me about them every 5 minutes, I loved that. So we went home get him cleaned up and as we went out again I stopped so I wouldn't get hit and he didn't and so he smashed into my rear derailleur on my bike and jacked it up so I had to buy a new one, but it wasn't too expensive so no worries. I am completely fine, no cuts or scratches so please don't stress too much mom haha but that was about the extent of our excitement this week. 

Something really cool though, Elder Christofferson is coming to our mission May 4th and we get to have a meeting with him!! So that is exciting news, but that is about the extent from Texas this week.

Aaaand that about wraps it up, I love you all and good luck with your braces Chase! Hopefully you don't brake off as many brackets as I did!

Elder Williams

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