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Elder Hunter Williams
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 8, 2013 - Hunky Doory!

Hey ya family!

wow it sounds like everything at home is just all hunky-doory( totally butchered that but i don't care!) mom is about to bust it out big time, chase is getting those grades and the ladies too i'm sure, and dad is doing a bit of missionary work and keep the house all ship-shape since i'm gone!! and ash and cole are awesome as usual and grant and tiff are doing their thaaaang, sounds awesome!! Keep the updates coming, i love all you guys!

So this week was pretty interesting, i have to pull out a map everytime we go somewhere because i'm still getting the area down but no worries, i'm going to know it better than home soon!!

So Errasmo, one of our investigators, set a baptismal date!! we are so excited and are going to keep on him to make sure he sticks to it. he is a really great guy, i know he'll get there. our other solid investigator is Elise, she is pretty much a golden investigator so we'll be baptizing her as sooon as possible. 

we talk to basically every person that we ride by and so far we met 191 people this last week who weren't ready but that just means we are getting closer to the one who is! we had a potential investigator call us and tell us he wants to meet with us, so we are pumped about that!! the work here is slowly building, we just have to be patient. i get the feeling that i'm going to be in plano for a couple more transfers but who knows what the Lord will do!

So Elder Johnson and I are getting along well, it's definitely a different style than when Elder Merrill was here, but it's going to be great! he has a strong trestimony and he is really bold which is good and he likes to talk. I'll send a picture of us.
This week we had a few funny things happen to us. one lady we talked to really didn't like us. she was from palmyra so she though she knew everything about the church and thought that we are very unfair to women and that we think of them as second class and that a women can't go to heaven without a man (which is technically right if you want to go to the top and a man can't get there either without his wife but besides the point) and kept telling us we needed to go see the pageant that is put on there before we do any more missinary work so that was fun. we think we met some drunk people too, they were nice. we do service at elderly homes on wednesday and this week we played bingo and it was snooseville but still good to be able to serve. 

we went to a pancake breakfast before conference sunday morning with a less active and they ended up kicking us out for conference which we didn't know would happen, then we went to the normal church building and i had to ride awkwardly in the back of his van and conference wasn't showing there either so we were lied to!!! but we made it to the stake center and it was good so no worries.

so conference was probably the best thing ever. all of the talks were amazing, but i think my favorites were Elder Bednar, Elder Packard, President Uchtdorf in priesthood, President Monson (all of his) and i don't know who else but I enjoyed them all!!!! and utah is getting another temple, shocker, but it was a really good conference and it flew by! i missed being at home in my pj's but i still loved it. and they talked a ton about missionary work so get on it!! i want to hear about some baptisms!!

and yes mom, they won't be letting us call home this year, they think it makes us too homesick.....

just kidding, i'll let you know about all that stuff when it comes time.

well that's about it for me this week, i love y'all!!

Elder Williams

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