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Elder Hunter Williams
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Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013 - Packages, Tony Stark, Jokes, BYU vs. Utah State

by Elder Hunter R. Williams

Thank you for the package!! I have enough granola for weeks and the cookies are great. Funny story about it though. Elder Hoopes and I were both expecting a package and when it came they just put a slip into your mailbox and say come get your packages from the office so we squealed like little girls and headed for the office! We were about to walk in and conquer our long sought after prizes only to find out that the office had closed 15 minutes before we got there and we had to wait until today to get them. We were depressed and slumped back to our apartment but we survived the weekend and now we are both happy as clams so hooray!
Oh and funny story, we were knocking this street and we rang the doorbell at this house and it didn't seem like anyone was coming so Elder Hoopes cracked a joke but someone ended up coming to the door so he went straight into a door approach and I still had the joke on my mind so I'm afraid I just started laughing in the middle of his contact, I felt so bad but he just makes me laugh. So yes, we are enjoying ourselves.

I know you all were excited about the baptism but unfortunately it has been postponed because Jakob's dad wouldn't give permission for him to get baptized but he does look like Tony Stark so that takes the sting off a bit. Jakob was almost crying when we met with him again but we'll keep him going on the lessons and  coming to church and eventually his dad will understand that he is really committed. This week was also our first week without investigators at church, it was sad but we're taking it like men.
On a happier note, we have been teaching the Martin family for a bit and they have finally decided to let their 15 year old daughter get baptized! We think the family will follow close behind. Her baptism should be on August 3rd, we are praying that nothing will get in the way of this baptism. So that was a great pick me up after Jakob's baptism was cancelled. The weather has also been amazing here, it hardly feels like summer but I have a feeling that August is going to come with a vengeance.
We had an exchange this week with the zone leaders and they it was great. I was able to learn a lot and have some fun too. We went on a jog for our morning work out and let me tell you, jogging is quite different from riding a bike. I was a little sore to say the least. That night we went to our ward's youth activity, glow in the dark volleyball. It was cool, they brought a bunch of black lights and glow in the dark paint that and a glow in the dark volleyball that didn't end up working so well but the concept is really cool and would be amazing if it was done right. Some of the kids invited nonmembers, hence why we were there. It was very unorganized but still fun, we played for a bit and then ended the night by sitting on the stage as the crowd sat on the floor and taught them the Restoration. None of the nonmembers were really interested but it is great to have a more missionary minded ward that is at least willing to try!
We had a really great week, I love Elder Hoopes, he is hilarious and he is now trying to convince me to go to Utah State instead of BYU so we can hang out, he's a goofball. Well happy birthday to Chase and it sounds like the rest of the family is doing just fine, still as crazy as ever though. So for my birthday all I want are those cds I've been asking for and there is another artist named Kalai who has some really great stuff. Also maybe a book with lots of motivating missionary/church stories or a book that has lots of quotes from or about church leaders would be awesome. And a few ties. Aaaand the Joseph Smith movie, the full length one that is the dramatization of his life, NOT Praise to the Man which is a documentary type thing that shows scenes of the movie but has people talking over it.
I love you all, until next week!
Elder Williams

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