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Elder Hunter Williams
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Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013 - Pancake Contest Winners, Flooding Toilets and Baptisms!

Subject: Re: 7-29-13

Hey Everyone,
So I don't have very much time today but I had a good week. I went on another exchange and got to ride in a car for a day, it was amazing. We went to this place for service and there was this little girl there that was from Iran and she was hilarious and made us wallets out of comic book clippings, they are great. We were also tracting at the end of a night and were invited into this guys house and apparently he works for and advertising company and started giving us all these crazy facts and figures and numbers to give us "more ammunition" for when we try to teach people. He was making the craziest faces, probably one of the weirdest experiences I've had. 

I forwarded some pictures of Elder Hoopes and I participating in a pancake eating contest at our ward's pioneer day breakfast. We competed to see who could eat three pancakes the fastest. Elder Hoopes beat me unfortunately but I took second! It was fun but we both had already eaten 5 pancakes and like 10 sausage links so we were hurting afterwards. 

Oh and this morning Elder Hoopes was in the bathroom and I was just doing some sit-ups and all of a sudden I hear him start saying "stop it you stupid toilet!" so I went in and made him open the door and the toilet was flooding. Luckily I knew how to turn the water off so it wasn't too bad but we spent most of the morning mopping it up. So that was exciting.
Well this upcoming weekend we will be having a baptism for Jalisia Martin, she is 15 and has been investigating for awhile but her parents finally decided to let her get baptized so we are super excited!! We are still teaching a small pool of investigators and are searching for more which is always the hard part. This week I gained a stronger testimony of prayer as I really payed attention to the Lord blessing us with answers to our prayers in many different ways. Oh and transfer calls are on Saturday so I'll keep you posted on that!
Well I love everyone and I'm glad things are going well, talk to you next week!
Elder Williams
Oh and mom do you think you could send me some iron on patches? My black pants have a few holes in them that I want to fix.

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