Elder Hunter Williams

Elder Hunter Williams
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Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013 The Lord blesses when we ask in faith.

Happy 4th of July last week!

It was weird not having our family BBQ but we survived. This has been a really great week, we had a lot of success and saw many miracles. 

We found 4 new investigators and taught some great lessons.The Lord really does bless us with the things we ask for if we ask in faith. One night we ran out of plans with 45 minutes left in the night so we just stopped and said a prayer, asking our Heavenly Father to put someone in our path that would listen to our message. We began to ride along and we stopped these two guys and they wanted to be baptized!! Okay not really they weren't interested but the next girl we talked to was very interested and we were able to briefly teach her the restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon to read. Then about five minutes later we ran into another guy who also listened and accepted a Book of Mormon and by the time we finished talking to him it was time to head home. It was incredible to see what the Lord can do if we simply have faith. 

Then this weekend we were tracting a street and it was Elder Hoopes' turn to knock the door so he did and the lady wasn't very interested and tried pushing us away but I wasn't letting it go that easily so I asked one more question and that lead to her stepping out onto the porch and talking for 45 minutes with us. At the end of the conversation she basically asked us for a Book of Mormon and gave us her number so we could call her and set up a time to come by for dinner! Amazing. She did say reading the Book of Mormon made her feel like she was having an affair with the Bible and me being the joker I am said that it was the best affair she could ever have.... It was a joke but probably not the most Christlike thing I've said haha.

As far as how I'm coping with all the responsibility, I'm doing pretty well. I was pretty stressed earlier but I've just handed it all over to the Lord and am going to do what He guides me to do so I'm not too worried anymore. 

Elder Hoopes and I are getting along really well and I think I'm doing well enough as a trainer... Whenever we see an attractive girl Elder Hoopes always calls her a "fiery dart" because it is the devil trying to distract us, I love that kid.

Oh and lastly we inherited an investigator named Jakob Yandell. He plays football at Allen High school (look up their football stadium online, it's huge, $60 million) and he went to a scout camp and received a Book of Mormon and instantly knew it was true! He is incredibly solid, he wants to serve a mission and can't wait to be baptized, he's awesome! His date is set for July 20th and we are beginning to teach his family as well, I'm loving it.

My new address is 301 South Jupiter #1406, Allen, TX 75002. I was wondering if you could send me a big box of nature valley granola bars and maybe some homemade cookies or something too if you wouldn't mind! 

Other than that I'm doing really well, thanks for the love and the prayers, see you next week! Oh and unfortunately the Allen library computers won't let me send pictures so since I have two memory cards I might just start sending one home so you can get all my pictures and use the other one and then switch after you send it back. 

And tell Chase to pray about the Book of Mormon when he finishes it and then start studying preach my gospel and read the Book of Mormon again! 

The scripture I am memorizing this week is Mosiah 2:41.

I love y'all!

Elder Williams

I love you all!

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