Elder Hunter Williams

Elder Hunter Williams
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Monday, February 24, 2014

2-24-14 Faith=Power, Obedience=Price, Love=Motive, The Spirit=The Key, Christ=Reason, Joy=Reward

Hey everyone!
Another beautiful week gone by in the TDM (Texas Dallas Mission). We had a good week, taught a lot of people and are working hard to teach more. The weather is perfect, we couldn't ask for much better. 

We were able to witness the re-baptism of an excommunicated member, Brother Chapman, it was excellent. It's amazing to see what the gospel can do in our lives and seeing someone come back to the gospel after years of being away only strengthens my testimony that this is the truth. 

 On Tuesday night we visited one of our crazier investigators, Richard. He is always drunk when we show up, the evidence being a glass of beer that is half full sitting next to him when we show up. He is a good old guy, in his mid 50's and he talks our ears off. He knows he needs to change his life and loves when we come to talk. We left him a pamphlet on the restoration and he read some of it and kept telling us ," I only have one question about your prophet", and would proceed to go off on a tangent. Needless to say we never found out what his question was but we told him that he would have more control over his life if he would stop drinking and invited him to stop, we'll see if he does. 

We found a couple new investigators this week and a lot of them are very promising. Two of them are a couple from Nigeria, Danny and Roseline Nnaji. They are awesome! We set up an appointment with them and they actually smiled at us when we came to the door. Roseline told us she had heard odd things about the "mammons" and wanted to do some research online about us. Luckily her husband knew that we are the Mormons and she was able to find mormon.org and request missionaries. We set a baptismal date with them and have another lesson this week.
On a more contentious note, we knocked into a woman who told us that we didn't worship Jesus Christ so we corrected her and she told us that she knows we don't worship Christ and that we are being deceived by the adversary. Some people. And then we knocked into a man from the church of Christ who couldn't get over the fact that he isn't allowed to go into the temple. We told him that because he hasn't been baptized and wouldn't understand the things that happen within because he doesn't know about the fullness of the gospel or believe it. He just couldn't get over it, apparently he tried to walk into the Salt Lake Temple one time. Crazy guy.
We had a visit this week from Elder Stanley G. Ellis of the Seventy this week and he was amazing. He strengthened my testimony of the divinity of this work, it was very evident that this was a man called of God. He taught us that we must do things in the Lord's way, I loved it. His wife gave us a great training and it included this little .... thing for success in missionary work and life , I think it is powerful:
The Spirit=The Key
Something I think we should all ponder and remind ourselves of each day.
That is about it for the week, it was wonderful. Elder Porter and I are getting along great, we are sad transfers are coming up next week, we will probably get split up but that's how it goes. Yes mom I got the package, thank you! It sounds like everything back home is excellent, the new temple will be amazing. I love you all and pray for you often, have a great week!

Elder Williams

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