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Elder Hunter Williams
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Saturday, March 1, 2014

3-1-14 President Durrant Called Me to Be an Assistant


Well it's been quite the week. I've been transferred, I will now be serving in Richardson 2 and YSA and will be working with President Durrant more often because he called me to be an Assistant. 

He is double transferring the previous assistants out and called two new ones, me and Elder Larsen. 

That's why I am emailing on Saturday instead of Monday. All I know is that the Lord is about to stretch me in a thousand different ways, I'm excited but nervous. It will be a great opportunity. I'm sad to leave Elder Porter and Rowlett though, odd how things grow on you, especially when you put so much of yourself into them. 

 Yesterday Elder Porter and I got up at 5:30 a.m and were out contacting people at 6 a.m. We started in the Walmart parking lot but a lady stared us down and looked like she was going to raise heck so we left and went to the dart station, a light rail that goes through the metro-plex and tried contacting there. It would have been really successful if the Jehovah's Witnesses weren't there already. . . We contacted as many as we could and then talked to the JWs for a bit and took some of their info which we proceeded to throw away upon leaving the parking lot. It was a long day, we didn't go home until 9 that night, it was awesome! Other than that it was an average week besides the big change. 

There is a lot to do and the ward I am coming into is on fire right now, they have baptized 7 people so far this year and have more to come so we will be busy busy busy, life couldn't be better. Well I love y'all, you're always in my prayers!

Elder Williams

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