Elder Hunter Williams

Elder Hunter Williams
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Sunday, March 9, 2014

3-9-14 Mission President Order's Elder Williams to Get a Manicure, in Order to Reach Out to Investigator.


Oh goodness y'all are wonderful. Just a few housekeeping items. Mom, the walgreens is on Montfort and Beltline, it is the closest one to me now. I went in on Monday to get a few prescriptions filled and apparently they still hadn't gotten the updated ones from Dr. Wong so they contacted Dr. Wong and I suppose they are in now so that is great! 

To answer some of the questions y'all threw at me, I will be emailing Saturday mornings so if you want to make an email on Fridays that is great, just as long as I get one I don't really care! Yes, my companion is Elder Larsen, we have served around each other a lot and he was trained by Elder Merrill two transfers before me. He is a super hard worker and very fiery and passionate, he is an amazing missionary. He is very headstrong but that's okay. I like him, we will get along fine. Both of us are great at talking about the gospel with others but not the best at the day to day small talk so it's been a little quiet but it'll get better with time, I'm excited to serve with him!! 

As for Elder Porter, he stayed in Rowlett. I miss him, he was a great companion and friend, we worked hard and had a lot of fun. He is actually going to Dixie State University to play golf but we have plans to hang out after the mission. He hates BYU haha but no worries, it isn't a thorn in the side of our friendship. 

 And on my year mark I didn't blow up anything, I just ate a big dinner at Raising Canes, the best chicken fingers you will ever get and I have found out that there is one in Tempe by ASU or something so you all should try it! You won't be disappointed!

So on to this past week. We are so busy, I love it. I have never been so tired my whole mission. We have to fit all of our proselyting into about half the time of a normal missionary and the Lord is helping us out big time. We are constantly blessed with referrals and we have a few solid investigators right now so we actually teach a lot. Being so busy has made me cherish the time that I get to knock a few doors and teach lessons. 

Monday we were able to play a little basketball and helped the extra companionship move out of our apartment. We had a missionary go home in a neighboring area so we took the extra set of missionaries out of our ward and made a trio in the other ward.  We spent the night finding and it was great. 

On Wednesday we taught some lessons. We taught David, a YSA investigator who is really solid, he has been reading the Book of Mormon, wants to come to church, and has a baptismal date. We took a member with us that ended out being worrisome because he would interjected some . . . uhh . . . interesting ideas. The member on the car ride to and from was asking us what the Bible says about the judgement passed on dishonest people and told us too many odd stories. He is a great guy, just different. 

Then we had a quick lesson with Steve Punches, a very big and tall man who works at a big and tall store, imagine that. He is lonely and needs friends and as we talked he was very concerned that other churches were putting out false information about ours and wants to come to church when his health allows, good stuff!

And we taught an Indian man named Robin who was very impressed with our church and wants to read the Book of Mormon. He is an amazing man, his wife is mentally handicapped due to a stroke a few years ago and he takes care of her and loves her anyways, excellent man. 

The most interesting part of the week would have to be when I got a manicure... Yes a manicure. Don't worry, it was on President Durrant's orders. He took his daughter to get a manicure for her birthday a few days ago ( and he got a pedicure) and talked to a young Vietnamese woman named Beka who wanted a Book of Mormon. So he sent us to give her the Book of Mormon. We had to go to the mall where she works and while walking in the mall President called us and said that instead of just giving her the book one of us needed to get a manicure to have more time to talk with her. So I got a manicure and talked with her for about 20 minutes and she accepted the book and we got her information so we'll see how it goes!! 

We also had to drive out to east Texas for a meeting yesterday, my first time out there and it is very different from the city! Much greener and things move slower. It was about a 2 hour drive one way. So that was fun, the meeting went well and I ate some of the best BBQ ever at Stanley's BBQ pit, it was amazing! 

We are also teaching some recent converts who antied themselves so went by and helped them understand what our beliefs are and cleared up misconcepetions and misunderstandings and will keep meeting with them and hopefully get them back to church. Lastly we met with Reuben, the husband of a member. He is awesome and so sincere. He is from New York and has a great accent and we always have great discussions, the last one being about faith being a principle of action and the difference between the light of Christ and the gift of the Holy Ghost, it was a great lesson. 

There are wonderful things happening here. I love being a missionary and working with the Lord to save His children. It is mentally, spiritually, and physically exhausting but I know I am where the Lord wants me to be. I know that Jesus is the Christ and can't describe His sacrifice for us but it is precious to me. I am grateful for all of my experiences thus far and am especially grateful knowing that we have found the truth and that our family can be together eternally. I love y'all, have a wonderful week!

Elder Williams

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