Elder Hunter Williams

Elder Hunter Williams
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Sunday, March 2, 2014

3-2-14 Richardson 2nd Ward is Amazing!


The cultural celebration sounded like it was amazing, what a wonderful opportunity for our family to be a part of it! I wish I could have been there but the Lord has other things for me to do here. 

Since I last wrote things have been so busy! Monday I went to the airport and picked up all the new missionaries arriving in the mission, it was weird to be at the airport, first time since I arrived myself. We talked and trained them and had a bunch of meetings. 

Tuesday was transfer day so and transfers were delayed due to some icy weather so that was crazy, President Durrant made 4 or 5 transfer changes the morning of transfers, that was fun. So we had more meetings and got the new missionaries all squared away with their trainers and then spent the day running things around to people and the night with the departing missionaries,  it was crazy to see some of the missionaries go home. 

The rest of the week slowed down and we actually did some knocking and teaching these last few days so things are a little back to normal, we just get a lot of phone calls from missionaries with weird and dumb questions like if they can watch movies and stuff like that. 

The Richardson 2nd ward is a amazing, the ward mission leader created a program in excel that is basically a computerized area book and the Bishop is so missionary minded, we are going to love this ward. There are two other missionaries living in our apartment with us, Elder Transier and my old companion Elder Johnson. Most of the work in the ward comes to Elder Larsen and I and they do more of the less active work. 

It has been a great week so far though, just so busy that I hardly have time to think about much else. I don't have much time today but I will try and write more next week! I love y'all!

Elder Williams

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