Elder Hunter Williams

Elder Hunter Williams
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Monday, June 10, 2013

Burned a Bridge with a Muslim Gentleman 6-10-13

This picture will be on Hunter's missionary plaque on display in the Catalina Ward Building for the next 19 1/2 months. Yup, I said 19 1/2 months. He has been serving for 4 1/2 months--and yes I can tell you exactly how many days--but hey . . . I bet I'm not the only Mom that has a handle on the time our son's and daughters are away.

Here is his most recent letter.

Hey mom. So that the CD is titled "Lead thou me on" by vocal point, I'm sure you can find it online! And the other one it the "The Work" by the Nashville Tribute Band. Those are awesome.
This has been a good week for us even if our numbers stink, but that's okay! We were supposed to have a baptism this Saturday but it didn't work out, that was depressing but we did set a date with one of our investigators. His name is Orlando Hill, he's a sassy black Methodist who is just awesome. He didn't come to church on Sunday but he promised he would be there next week.

We experienced a bit of a miracle this week as well. we keep track of how many people we talk to each day and we were having a rough week, there were a few days where we talked to maybe 5 people... But on Saturday I set a personal goal to talk to 50 people and asked Heavenly Father to help and we talked to EVERYONE. And there were times where we would just ride into huge groups of people too. We ended the day with 53 contacts and we met our contacting goal for the week which was great.

Elder Johnson and I did pretty good on the bikes this week, no incidents or anything. We also got more rides from members because it's starting to get a little toasty now, but everyone time we took a member to a planned lesson the investigator always bailed on us or wasn't there! That's frustrating. We also spoke with some Muslims this week and I will never talk to them about the gospel again, they are un-convertable. Plus Elder Johnson pretty much told them that Mohammed was a big fat liar so that bridge is burnt pretty well. Transfers on the 25th so I'll let you know if anything changes. I think I'll still be in Plano though. And the scripture I'm memorizing this week is Helaman 5:12.

I hope dad and Chase have fun on their trip, that will be awesome! I love you all!
Elder Williams

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