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Elder Hunter Williams
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Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013 -----Working HARD!

Well let me tell you something, this was a pretty great week because we worked our rear ends off! We did over 6 hours of service, picked up 3 new investigators (a family), have a baptismal date and that investigator came to church, aaaand we talked to over 180 people! I'm exhausted and that's the way it should be!
On Tuesday we took one of the priests from 8th ward out with us on the bikes all day and worked him hard. He slept well that night, I guarantee it. I think we gave him a good taste of the missionary life, hope he enjoyed it! And on Saturday we were riding down the street and heard this grinding noise and there was a truck pulling a trailer that lost a tire and was completely riding on its rim or axle or whatever it is. We kept riding and about a hundred yards down the road we found the guys tire! So I picked it up and we rode back and gave it to them and introduced ourselves. They were a bit preoccupied to listen but it was a funny sight, site,? to behold.
Lately we have been working with a Hispanic single sister and her inactive 14 year old daughter and this week we made some real progress with them! The mother dominates the conversation and this really annoys her daughter but we were able to get her daughter to open up a bit and actually taught some of a lesson and the daughter seems to be improving by degrees, hopefully we can get her back to church. 

The investigators we found this week are really great people, they are good Christians and were very willing and open and we had a great discussion with them and they are going to read the Book of Mormon and get baptized if that is what God tells them to do! So this week went pretty well. We didn't teach a ton of lessons but we still made good progress and were blessed for our diligence.
It sounds like everything is going well back home! I'm glad Dad and Chase had fun on their trip made it home safe. Thanks for the letters, they helped a lot and I really enjoyed them. Sounds like the event Dad is coordinating should be a really good one, keep me updated!

Well I love you all and I hope you have a good week!

Elder Williams

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