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Elder Hunter Williams
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

General Conference Jeopardy and Paper Towers Able to Withstand the Winds and Rains of the Devil.

Happy Monday everyone!
Week 2 down in the new area, I'm really enjoying it. We did have zone conference this week but the assistants to the president were in charge of it. We practiced teaching the new member lessons and played general conference jeopardy. We also participated in a tower building activity. We were given 50 sheets of paper and a roll of tape and a glue stick and we had to create the tallest tower with an excellent foundation that could withstand the wind and rains of the devil( spray bottles and a hair dryer). The one that we helped build ended up being the only tower still standing after the attacks, no big deal. The conference was centered around building firm foundations on Jesus Christ and we came away spiritually nourished.

Elder Berentzen and I are having a lot of fun and working hard at the same time, it's awesome and the time is flying by. We are teaching a man named Tony Casarez, he is amazing. He has been investigating for three-ish years and is living with his girlfriend and her family (all members) so we had a lesson with him on Saturday and basically just called him out and asked what his plan was for marrying his girlfriend. He is such a good guy, he knows she will say yes, he is just afraid to ask the question. He said it should happen by the end of the month and the weekend after he proposes they will get married and he will get baptized so we are so excited! We have a great teaching pool here, I'm loving it. We also started playing basketball with the Elder's Quorom president and doing P90X for exercise in the mornings, it's awesome!! We had a slower week lesson wise but we made a lot of really good progress with our investigators.

t sounds like everything back home is great! Chase, know that you are in my prayers, I'm rooting for ya! And I'm super jealous that you will get to be in the cultural celebration for the temple, that is so cool! I can't wait to see the temple when I get back. Keep me posted on the new Bishop,  . . .  my thoughts are  . . . Brother Hawk! Anyways, I love y'all, have a blessed week!

Elder Williams

P.S. Also for Christmas I will accept multiple chocolate oranges... and if you could send back my umbrella with the package, that would be most excellent!

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