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Elder Hunter Williams
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Sunday, December 29, 2013

12-29-13 Strange Encounters and False Doctrine

So my family is up in Utah having a great time skiing . . . life is good.
Well life is good here in Texas too. We had a bit of a rough week teaching wise, most of our investigators were tied up with Christmas stuff all week so we did quite a bit of tracting. 

We had dinner with an investigator Christmas night and she told us that she didn't really think the church was the right answer for her but she may still meet with us. That was Destiny, the one I told you about on Skype. So that was a bit disappointing. Our week just kept moving downhill from there, we did so much tracting. That's all we did on Saturday actually and I about lost it. We knocked into this weirdo Pentecostal guy who got in my face and told me I can't work my way to Heaven and then we had this lady open the door and invite us right in. We went and sat down with her fiancee who was the epitome of Southern Baptist. He started off by stating that he probably knew more about the Mormon Church than we did. He proceeded to tell us how he has been to Salt Lake City multiple times and went off on how there are five versions of the 1st vision and quoted different scriptures that he completely took out of context and a whole bunch of other nonsense. He was absolutely ridiculous. We were trying to just keep calm and answer his questions and that lasted about ten minutes and then we just bore our testimonies and left. This guy was.... something else. So that was fun. It was just ridiculous. But we saw a miracle on Sunday. A woman just walked into church. Stuff at home had been hectic so she went for a walk and was prompted to come inside and we got to meet her and share the Restoration with her and she said it was the first thing that has really made sense to her in a long time. It was amazing, nothing short of a miracle. So it was a great way to end our week. Not much else besides that, we're just working hard and moving forward.
Elder Porter is from the Riverton-Draper area and he was curious to know if mom knows anyone by the name of Linn Pierce and if there are any Garsides in our stake back home? And yes I got the Kalai CD, thanks! That is awesome that he signed it himself!
That is about it. Well I hope y'all have a great week and enjoy the snow, be safe and don't break any bones!

Elder Williams

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