Elder Hunter Williams

Elder Hunter Williams
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Sunday, December 1, 2013

12-1-13 Deep Fried Turkey!

I almost exploded on Thursday because we ate so much. We had lunch with one family and dinner with another and I almost died. Not really but I was stuffed for basically the rest of the week. All the food was great and they do something awesome here in Texas. They deep fry their turkeys and it is the way to go! It takes less than an hour and the turkey stays all juicy and moist. Definitely the way to go! We knocked doors for about 2 hours during the day and didn't meet with much success but that was expected. We did have a great weekend though because we got to teach an investigator and help her move which allowed her to  meet a lot of ward members, it was great and she is hilarious and has made it her goal to "break" me because I am shy and in a shell apparently. So it's fun, her name is Veronique. While we were helping her move we noticed that the drivers side door of our car and trunk was open and that there was a police officer over by it so we went to check it out and apparently the owners of the house we parked it in front of complained that it was blocking their driveway (it was maybe an inch in the driveway, maybe, they were old geezers of course) and the officer came to check it out and said the door was open when he got there and that he popped the trunk and he was running our backgrounds and had called a truck to come tow our car! So we got everything cleared up, nothing was missing but it was weird! That was my excitement for the week.
It sounds like thanksgiving at home was great, I missed it, didn't quite feel like a holiday out here but that's okay. I'm glad you all are doing well and that life is good. Congratulations to mom for becoming national presidente of her writing group and tell Chase to quit growing, and Jordan too. I love you all, have a great week!!
Elder Williams

P.S. So apparently we have to get messenger bags (side bags) instead of backpacks. All the missions are changing, getting ready for computers, I think. So that would be a great Christmas present. I think CTR may have some and I know of another brand called Timbuk2 that makes a good one. Black would be a good color. If Jordan wants to do some looking around, I would appreciate that.

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